We have received manycomments and feedback from the audiences via media platforms about asking for more information on Minionsswap. We have collected and sorted out the answers which we hope you could find what you want.

1.What is Minions NFT? Could you give a brief introduction?

Minions NFT is a card game with minions-theme, creating an upgrade-sustainable circulate eco-system for users based on DeFi structure. Besides, this encrypted game presents its potential in the application of virtual games, increasing the token income for the players with blind boxes, mining, auction, and other options during collecting.

2.What does Minions NFT apply most?

Minions NFT is an eco-game combined with DeFi and NFT, based on a basic dual-chain model of Huobi ecological chain and Ethereum public chain, applying a dual-mining system that supports liquidity mining and NFT cloud hash power mining. Users can enjoy collecting and lossless mining profits when we offer a wonderful experience in this game.

3.What are the differences from other projects?

Nowadays, NFT+DeFi must face many difficulties as the cutting edge in blockchain development. However, platformization and integralization would be an irresistible trend, which means NFT (Non-Fungible Token) would be the most presentable collection in this era instead of some influencer’s products. Minions will greatly reverse the identity subversion of NFT+DeFi. When the users realize that you can also rewrite this era while participating in it, the ecosystem will flourish.

4.What tech innovations does Minions NFT have?

MinionsNFT, a property standard of NFT in the Minions blockchain from the community team, retains the four metadata fields of NFT: id, name, uri, symbol. And it also can release any type and any number of NFT assets for trans-game or trans-contract of NFT asset transfer agreement in the game in one contract. Minions-swap set a brand-new general assets agreement.

5.What are the spotlights?

MinionsNFT application for opened-game ecology

Minions NFT is used to be the special equipment and props as Non-Fungible Token in the game; be participated in the economy and eco-model of the game as a tool or security token; achieves to construct a trans-game ecosystem as an open prop.


Minions is an artwork that presents freedom, equality, openness, and innovation in the DeFi blockchain world. Minions tokens can be used only with the governed approval by MinionsDAO. Minions token holders and LPToken holders can participate in the development of minions through governance.


Minions is combined with DeFi to form a complete economic system included infrastructure, decentralized exchange lending, insurance, derivatives, liquidity mining aggregators, etc.

Minions NFT MEX

Minions constructed a general-participable and transparent-revenue cloud hash platform with liquidity.

6.Which technology does Minions NFT apply?

When Minions NFT is in conjunction with OASIS.WORLD and OASIS.MAIN, trans-contract NFT asset transfer can be realized, which means a certain NFT in contract A can be transferred to contract B for storage with the entire process can be confirmed, anti-faked, and location-tracked. It is different from the common method of asset reuse in the past (also means using the same contract) — in THE OASIS agreement, users can customize and set up their contracts by their demands, personalize the mapping logic, and freely select which assets to receive or transfer. Not only can it eliminate the centralization risk of the contract itself (Bugs, hacker attacks), but also more flexibly adapts to the demands of development for different businesses.

7.What applied scenarios can Minions NFT approach?

Not only can it achieve the NFT related asset functions in Minions eco-system, but also it will gradually launch the trans-chain eco-system and applied projects that include blockchain loans, blockchain game release, etc. In addition, we will use our blockchain system to lead everything that can be on the chain.

8.What is the Algorithmic Model of Minions NFT?

We apply a dual-chain algorithmic model based on HECO Chain and Ethereum public chain, constructing a smart contract system for Minions-swap.

9.What is the DEFI of Minions NFT?

Minions is combined with DeFi to form a complete economic system included infrastructure, decentralized exchange lending, insurance, derivatives, liquidity mining aggregators, etc.

10.What is the community planning of Minions NFT?

In the future, minions will expand the eco-system and authorize MIS community autonomy with rewards to outstanding contributors and workers.

11.How is the community governance of Minions NFT?

Minions is an artwork that presents freedom, equality, openness, and innovation in the DeFi blockchain world. Minions tokens can be used only with the governed approval by MinionsDAO. Minions token holders and LPToken holders can participate in the development of minions through governance.

12.What is the community scale of Minions NFT?

Up to now, we have more than 13,500 followers on minions’ official Twitter . In addition, there is a powerful community coalition composed of Minions fans all over the world which is growing every day.

13.How does Minions NFT dig the mine?

The activated Minions card can carry out the staking mining in hash rate, which means we apply an incentive mining mode (stacking). Choosing ETH, USDT, BTC, or MIS as a pledge to obtain minions card or MIS token.

It can be also used for liquidity mining. Minions generates the initial governance token MIS through liquidity mining, and the initial MIS will provide the liquidity for NFT cards in the platform in the preliminary stage.

14.I am a green hand. Will it be hard to study mining? Is the barrier high for Minions NFT?

The studying degree of Minions mining is not hard. The beginner can refer to our official guidebook to operate. We believe you will learn it soon.

15.How is the revenue of Minions NFT mining?

In Minions staking mining system, Minions NFT is a basic dual-chain model based on Huobi ecological chain and Ethereum public chain, applying a dual-mining system that supports liquidity mining and NFT cloud hash power mining. Users can obtain MIS related to the mining in NFT hash rate by pledging Minions NFT in the NFT mining pool. With 15% lossless in initial opening and 40% lossless in the secondary in staking mining pool, we can ensure the mining efficiency.

16.What is the exit mechanism in Minions NFT mining?

There are not many differences from others in this industry. But we would kindly remind the users that it may differ of the exit mechanism according to the mining methods you choose.

17.How is the daily revenue of the liquidity mining in Minions NFT?

2,600 tokens can be dug in each mining pool every day while half-dropping in every 15 days.

18.How can I take part in the Minions NFT game?

First of all, the NFT card is a precondition. Using MIS by participating IDO to buy the blind box for obtaining the Minions NFT card in DAPP shop in Minions-swap website.

Secondary, activate the card and create your digital assets through MinionsGameMaker on the official website. NFT card is the game pass for the game entrance starting a joyful experience.

19.What can I get in the Minions NFT game?

Added Value in Collection

Each Minions NFT has a different rarity and recognition, which affects its value. Some rare is also priceless. Players can auction their Minions NFT for profits.

Mining Output

Minions NFT can carry out the hash rate mining for lossless revenue and enjoy the hash rate bonus if we combine multiple cards, even operate the auction of mainstream currencies.

Token Value

MIS can operate non-destructive pledge and auction to obtain minions NFT hash rate card and provide liquidity for liquidity mining in this platform;

The circulation is limited-release due to the governance token property of MIS. Besides, it is a general trend that MIS would become a scarce resource with the development of minions platforms.

20.What are the differences from other blockchain games?

Minions would like to offer a high-efficient trading experience to the players through NFT+DeFi. By integrating NFT cards, DeFi mining, liquidity mining, and Minions-elements, perfectly combines the economic motivation as well as playability, unlocks the potential in blockchain games.

21.How can we get the Minions NFT cards?

Users can obtain MIS by participating in IDO to buy the blind box for getting the Minions NFT card in the DAPP shop.

22.Can the Minions NFT cards be traded?

Players can trade their cards by auction.

23.What is the rarity of Minions NFT cards?

Rarity refers to the rare level of Minions NFT, affected by the card-class, hash rate, limited edition, special edition, etc.The rarity, market value, and collection value are in positive correlation.

24.What are the Minions NFT cards-combination?

There are possibilities to obtain different series combinations from Minions blind boxes. It could be Dave with a straw hat, Kevin in hula dancing or Bob is eating a banana. They have richer expressions and cuter gestures, presenting a higher rarity to achieve the limited sale. In addition, it will add an extreme bonus for hash rate in each card if the users collect a whole series of cards and put them into their slots to activate (in groups 4 or 5, or more if it is a special combination)

25.Is the collection value high of the Minions NFT cards? Which are worth?

Each Minions NFT has a different rarity and recognition, which affects its value. Some are rare combinations, limited editions, or special property, which presents a higher rarity for raising the collecting and trading value.

26.What is the token of Minions NFT?

The initial governance token MIS is generated through liquidity mining in Minions, enabled a significant property and value-added potential. With the platform gradually developing and the second generation online, MIS would be assigned more missions.

27.Which channels can I get the Minions NFT tokens?

There are 3 channels to obtain the tokens.

1.Participate in IDO in Minions NFT website.

2.purchase MIS in NFT trading platforms such as OPENSEA.

3.Take part in the invitational project of Minions.

4.Participate in the liquidity staking mining in the initial period.

28.What can we use the Minions NFT tokens?

They are mainly used in the fields as below in the platform,

Trading commission charge; upgrading card slots while purchasing combination slots; attending the auction to obtain NFT cards or other mainstream tokens; part of MIs revenue would be used for maintaining and motivating the community.

29.Will the Minions NFT tokens be widely applied?

There are 3.6 million tokens as an inter-original token in the system. It can be a general currency as a scarce resource to set the price of every worthy thing, supporting trading, exchanging, staking for interests, and other operations. We will see more perspective in application in the future.

30.What is the allocation of Minions NFT?

Total Amount: 3.6 million

Air-dropped: 180,000(5%)

Crowdfunding: 540,000(15%)

Motivate Community Inventors: 540,000(15%)

Mining Pool: 2.34 million(65%)

31.Will Minions NFT be listed in the exchange?

We have the plan for the exchange that would be the first-tier in the market included Huobi Global, BINANCE. Thanks for the patience. We will reveal more information.

32.How is the perspective of Minions NFT?

Minions NFT uses the DeFi eco-model ahead in the high-speed developed path of NFT+DeFi, meanwhile applying a dual-mining system that supports liquidity mining as we as NFT cloud hash rate mining to enlarge the decision range for users. Lossless mining became a mature model with the market test and its stable profitability is now valued by more and more people.

Currently, the circulation of MIS is limited in NFT games and mining with lossless pledges, trade, auction, etc.; as a medium of exchange charge and card slot purchasing fee. In the early stage, the circulation of MIS was limited and most of them are from mining. With the mining efficiency decreased, MIS will become a scarce resource, which will bring a bright future to value growth.

Version V3 would put an OASIS agreement online, which can transit various NFT digital assets to different public chain ecosystems (HECO\BSC\ETH, etc.) through Dokodoa trans-chain bridge, completing digital asset conversion and smart contract interaction on different public chains, as well as achieving trans-chain liquidity mining and valut.

33.What is the developing plan of Minions NFT?

Users can check the developing plans and get the latest planning on our official website.

34.Can you introduce the initial team of Minions NFT?

The team members would like to keep their privacy. As for the inventor or manager, they announced many times to the public that we hope everyone who loves Minions can be one of us. Welcome to subscribe GitHub and Minions Official accounts on media platforms to receive the news.

35.Which investment organizations have involved in Minions?

We have received many accreditations and investments from risk investment organizations included Guggenheim and JVP since Minions was launched in 2020.

36.How do we receive the token airdropped?

The total amount of MIS is 36,000 and we will airdrop 5% of the total. To appreciate the community partners for tech support, we will donate 180,000 MIS and the management of 15% of the total MIS. Subscribe to our media account for the latest information.

37.What edges does Minions Game have compared to the traditional games?

players have the ownership of game assets

In traditional games, the ownership of game assets belongs to the developer that means the player only has the right to use them. Meanwhile, the developer can change the rules anytime, even devalue the player’s assets instantly. In Minions, the users can own the ownership of game assets through smart contracts.

Permanently save of the game data

In traditional games, the data is at risk of being stolen by hackers, while it would be difficult to break into and attack the distributed ledgers in Minions with blockchain technology. Therefore, the game data can be saved permanently without any doctoring.

Invent the open-source

The code of traditional games is an unopened source which means the inventor can set the game rule. However, Minions is different from the one-way trust in the traditional one. Its code is open-source with a highly transparent community, which makes the game more playable and reflects the concept of Web3.0.

38.What is the overall ecology of Minions NFT?

Currently, Minions NFT eco-system includes game ecology, staking mining ecology, and liquidity mining ecology. And it keeps expanding, especially in the DeFi eco-project.

39.Which media channels can I get the latest information of Minions NFT?

Project website: http://minions-swap.org

Project in GitHub address: https://github.com/Minionsswap

Official mailbox: minionsswap@protonmail.com

Medium: https://minionsswap.medium.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/minionsswap