Banquet: Open Game Ecological — — MinionsNFT

Since CryptoKitty in 2017, there have been nearly 10,000 categories, and tens of millions of NFT collectibles have been minted, circulated, and traded in the hands of users. Among them, games, cards, network domain names, and encrypted artworks account for the majority. The vast majority of NFTs are still limited to small areas and small communities, and the reality that the popularity is difficult to last has become a reality. This led to more in-depth discussions and thinking: If one day NFT can grow into an important track comparable to the proposed tens of billions of dollars of DeFi, what is the killer application that supports such a large number of users and market value?

We come from a community team, a community organization composed of NFT technology enthusiasts, and initiated the DeFi +NFT+DAO Minions exchange, dedicated to the research and production of innovative protocols in this field.

Minions-swap is a NFT decentralized trading product built on the Ethernet network, creating a new infrastructure for the DeFi+NFT ecosystem. We proposed and implemented a dual-chain DeFi+NFT basic model based on the Huobi ecological chain and the Ethereum public chain. A “dual mining mechanism” that supports liquid mining and NFT cloud mining.
MinionsNFT is a robot made of genetically mutated DNA, fatty acids and two and a half cups of banana mash. By introducing it in the form of a time capsule blind box, two Minions can be used to cast a new MinionsNFT. New MinionsNFT is a brand new and unique Minions with parental genetic characteristics NFT. Each encrypted Minions has 23 pairs of genomes and different gene sequence combinations. All encrypted Minions are unique.

MinionsNFT will undoubtedly become the most dazzling star in many DeFi projects!
First, Minion.NFT is the NFT asset standard on the Minions blockchain. It comes from the community team. MinionsNFT retains the four metadata fields of the NFT and can issue any type and number of NFT asset games in a single contract. Cross-game, cross-contract NFT asset transfer agreement. A new general asset agreement was developed.

Secondly, MinionsNFT, as an open game ecological non-homogeneous card for special equipment and props, participates in the game economic ecological model and builds a cross-game ecology.

We believe that with the deepening of the concept of data as assets, Minions will have more and more digital assets in the form of NFTs, and we will finally usher in a milk-smooth digital economy world.